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please know this is a long post with important details

So after a long hiatus of coming onto deviantart iv started a story that has become pretty popular on a website. 

im in need of *points to title* someone who is capable of drawing original Character's after being given a description.

im not in need of characters with a bg basically a colored full body picture.  

using one of works as an example

Character set by anndr

although i require a single charecter drawing and at a much large Higher quality. please note my characters who are equiped with armor will have a 3d model provided to the artist to draw.


1. Someone who is serious and does not take more then 3-4 weeks to draw one character and put me in a long commission list i just don't have the time for that.

2. Someone who can Work and be flexible with a fortnightly budget of 50-150$ depending on what i need.

3. someone who i can hire constantly as this is not a short term thing but a long term project of mine which requires not just characters drawn but other things Dragons/objects/areas. if your not capable of doing this then character drawings is still fine.

4. someone who does not change the price half way during the commision this has happened quite often and il most likely cancel the commision straight away..

if i have left anything out please let me know 

some things to add. allthough some weeks i may not hire the artist when i make a request i can understand you may not be able to finish it or prioritise it above other commisions and i am understanding to that. i am also understanding to the artist having rl obligations.

what id appreciate is a time where the artist can estimate when the commision can be finished or when he can accept it.  im looking for a professional who can manage there time. 

allthough i may not have deadlines i do intend to eventually make this story an ebook after the second volume is completed and i would still like to be treated with respect and not taken advantage of that bieng said i will also treat the artist the way i would like to be treated.

my main requests for this offer is full body colored charecter illustrations of an anime/manga quality with no BG. if i do not reply to applicants please know i apologize it just means i am either really busy or have alot of people pming me regarding this.

for those of you who would like to apply i reccomend you note me with examples of your work. please know regarding your set prices i dont intend to go over my set fortnightly budget for this project which i will tell the artist of when i require a commision.

These pictures will have Commercial use so by accepting this commision you accept that i am able to include "some" illustrations in the ebook. i may sell a charecter database and the artist will recieve 60% of the profit While i recieve the remaining 40%. 

 that bieng said the artist will be the only one i hire and will also hopefully recieve more reputation among my few thousand current readers.

 this project is not intended to go ebook for awhile nor without the artists consent first.  

i apologize if something is confusing in this post if you find anything wrong please notify me. same goes for having questions. thank you for your time. 

bassically this is a non art commission considering all the art work's i have are now done :) im looking for someone competent in literacy aswell as awesome in grammar as you can see im lacking quite a bit as english isnt my first language... ;/ this is for a fiction im typing up with an average word count of around 2200 words  per chapter .


1- is great at picking up spelling mistakes.

2- is great at fixing grammar :)

3- is patient while looking over my work.

4- enjoys a nice original fantasy story ;p 
as for payment detail's Pm me if your interested i dont do half payment's when i hire someone who seems trustworthy the payment will be in full. this will not be a budget commision it will be per request done. 

as for pricing i would hope its negotiable. :) thank you.
Artist's i have Hired so far for this story project.

Weapon Artist's

1 - Wolfnoom.-completed

2   Potential Artist (awaiting answer)


Item/object Artist's.

1 (potential artist awaiting answer)



Charecter Artist.

1 - Hybridmink - Completed

2 Hinomars Line art - Pending acceptance.


Backround/Building artist

1 (Potential artist awaiting answer)






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thanks i appreciate it :) the artists here are amazing im having a final version done for the charecter and im having different charecter with armor and a look just as awesome bieng done if u want to keep a watch out
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